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Yui Kutuna Japanese Personality

Yui Kutuna is a character of Vanguard Princess.


  • Height: 157cm
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Three sizes: B79:W57:H80
  • Blood type: A type
  • Age: 15
  • Birthday: July 21
  • Fighting style: Kutuna Flow Muso Swordsmanship
  • Favorite things: Cuisine, Cocoa
  • Weak ones: Epidemic, Haunted


In warrior to attend officer school, The 107th generation successor to the Kutuna-musou school swordplay. Its ability but is rumored to successive strongest, never ambition is neglect strongly discipline. Manly Although reminiscent from behavior and tails look whether Tsundere, actually obediently cool. But seems only Apparently combat is there ability, life force is low. The murderous seems when it comes cuisine.

Breast shaking and Skirt is in daily occurrence of Vanguard Princess world, not quite induce both Yui only. It is a two-tiered, not cause a chance of iron-clad skirt stockings. Let obediently Moeyo to another part.

During training with a close friend Ayane Ikuse what happened an accident that the sight of her one eye is lost, I'm sick to care. Large wooden sword she Shinkenger of ancient "Sakuya" that wield is that pattern of the Big Dipper.


If there Also personality If "Yui Kutuna" ...

After the forward somersault, and wearing the lightning in the body, in the hip attack to attack your opponent's face (head) in the hip drop "Matchless Peach Sky Wave" in the drop as low jumped at Standing guard disabled there is a setting that was wearing a technique called "Moon Crest Kick". Movement in other Horizontal Bar also (such as "Kick Up Pullover (Back Hip Circle)" or "Front Hip Circle") is also good, good luck also movement in the vaulting horse, there is also a setting that provoke the opponent while hitting my hip but, in the case of a Horizontal Bar, Plump it is not visible in impregnable skirt. Gripped much was out in the middle of the battle of Haruka and sister, that was hundred hit the hip.