Natalia Glinka

Natalia Glinka is a character of Vanguard Princess.


  • Height: 155cm
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Three sizes: B86: W58: H96
  • Blood type: A type
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: November 17
  • Fighting style: The attack by assault Pile
  • Favorite things: Chess, mail order
  • Weak ones: Person who does not keep noise, discipline


Real name, Natarya Vu catcher chess Lavonia Tarnovo Tropinin Green mosquitoes.

Military personnel were dispatched as intelligence personnel from the central Rastorguev principality.

In the military belong to the assault pile soldiers 06 platoon.

Faith deeply, and to reveal the intense hostility to Lilith is a devil.

In that it was in childhood in Japan seems to benefit from the "Mobile magic".

She weapons such as Pairubanka which is equipped called "Assault pile (Aganbegyan B-88)", this maneuver witchcraft-related technology is not used at all in itself, explosive power of gunpowder loaded in the internal in has become a mechanism to drive a stake.


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