Haruka Kutuna Japanese Personality

Haruka Kutuna is a heroine of Vanguard Princess.


  • Height: 164cm
  • Weight: 48kg
  • Three sizes: B81:W55:H82
  • Blood type: O type
  • Age: 22
  • Birthday: April 10
  • Fighting style: The long-range attacks by Kishirube magic
  • Favorite things: Song, that you grow flowers
  • Weak ones: Miokawa Colonel, cosmetic


Sister of Yui Kutuna. Muso flow had been raised as a fencing tradition person, but suddenly went to the government forces of research facility become a magician. Principal but says there was no fencing of rhinoceros, Yui has seen and or not than held out their own in order to protect yourself is a sister from the military. It has become a story of the key, the truth is told from itself. Ending is also slightly different.


If there Also personality If "Haruka Kutuna" ...

There is a setting that was "The 106th Generation Successor to The Kutuna-musou School of Swordplay's". According to its setting the ancient divine sword "Kaede" she wield a big sword with the same Big Dipper of patterns as "Sakuya". Also put his sword fighting spirit, it is possible to project light bullet. Other is also a preeminent motor nerve is, acrobatics of gymnastics such as somersaults and moonsault and forward roll is good, you have mastered the various Ashiwaza, also movement in the same horizontal bar and Yui good, and good luck also movement in vaulting horse setting that exists. In addition it is also a valuable person was put Tsukkomi to Slut specific clothes to Luna princess tree. By the way, scary enough to lead to a hundred hit the angry and hip (especially in the fight against Yui).